A Review on Weighted Blankets

Getting sound and undisturbed sleep is paramount to our wellbeing. Yet, many struggle with getting enough sleep every night. Due to this, weighted blankets have become quite popular. The therapeutic effect it has helps to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

The weighted blanket is worth discussing, hence this article will explain what a weighted blanket and give Katy weighted blanket review. Read on as we delve into it.

What are Weighted Blankets?

A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket made by stitching glass bead, cotton and other materials into the fabric. The weight is evenly distributed. This provides comfort and gives the feeling of being hugged. This will get the body relaxed, resulting in a deep sleep.

What are they used for?

People battling with insomnia will find a weighted blanket helpful. Other medical issues like autism, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, nightmares, hypertension, anxiety or depression can be relieved by the blanket. Children with sleep disorders can also make use of them.

Do They Work?

A few people ask if weighted blankets really work. You may be wondering too. A weighted blanket will work as long as you get the appropriate size for yourself.

Because of these vital uses, many companies produce weighted blankets. In the next few paragraphs, we will give Katy weighted blanket review.

Katy Weighted Blanket

Katy Mattress Company produces Katy weighted blankets. This company has been able to produce affordable and quality weighted blankets, hence the Katy weighted review we will be giving.

Some weighted blankets have the problems of weight distribution, overheating, durability, odour and washing. Katy weighted blanket has been able to overcome these issues:

Weight distribution

Weighted blankets work via the mechanism of Deep Pressure Touch. Some products have uneven distribution of weight and this leaves some areas on the blankets where this deep pressure touch therapy won’t be felt. However, Katy weighted blankets possess smaller pockets of filling double-stitched evenly across them. This helps the blanket to achieve the desired effect.


One of the questions people ask about weighted blankets is if they don’t cause hot nights. Some can cause overheating due to heaviness. Katy weighted blankets have one hundred percent multi-cotton breathable fabric covers which reduces this problem to a large extent.


Katy blankets have great durability due to the well-made design and strong cotton fabric they are made of. In addition, the company gives a 5-year warranty on it.

Odour and Washing

Katy weighted blankets have a non-toxic filling and are odourless. The materials are of superior quality and it is easy to clean or wash them.

Size, weight and Colour

The blankets are made in line with the recommended maximum of between 8 and 12% of the total body weight. The silky white cover is light for summer and the grey is soft and warm for winter periods.

Wrapping Up

We believe this Katy weighted blanket review will be of help to you. You need a weighted blanket and you need a very good one at that.   

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