How Heavy Can a Weighted Blanket Be?

Weighted blankets have become popular these days. People resort to them for different reasons: for comfort, as a therapy, for soothing effect, etc. People who find it difficult falling asleep at night find rest in this weighted blanket, people with autism disorder derive comfort in it, and other people use it just for its therapeutic effect.

As the demand for it rises, so also arise questions. One of the commonest questions asked is, “can a weighted blanket be too heavy?” It is a good question because you need to get a good size that will suit you.

What’s the Perfect Weight for a Weighted Blanket?

If you plan on getting a weighted blanket, one of the things to determine is the appropriate weight for you. Experts agree that the appropriate weight of a blanket should be about 19% of your total body weight. Now, this is not a rule that cannot be changed. It still depends on the buyer’s preferences.

To determine the right weight for your blanket, it’s advisable and best to go for 7-12% of your total body weight. There are numerous charts online that can help you identify the perfect weight. With that, you will get a perfect weight for your size.

What’s the maximum weight for a weighted blanket?

The maximum weight a weighted blanket can have, without posing any danger, is thirty pounds. If it’s heavier than that, you are at risk of harming yourself. Hence, any weight beyond 30 pounds is not recommended. It can be less (depending on your size) but it should not be more. Always remember that.

Dangers of a Too Heavy Weighted Blanket

Now, back to the question, can a weighted blanket be too heavy? The answer is YES. A too heavy weighted blanket will do more harm than good. It can increase stress (which is something you’re trying to ease), and diminish quality breathing, making it difficult for you to breathe in and out. Thus, it’s advisable to go for thirty pounds or even less.

Does Your Height Matter?

Your height does not matter in choosing a perfect weighted blanket. This is because comfort comes from the weight that’s evenly distributed. However, if you’re extremely tall, you may consider the size of the blanket too. Then, it’s a good idea to make your blanket measured according to your height and weight.

Choosing a weighted blanket

Now that you know how heavy a weighted blanket, you might consider getting one. A bamboo weighted blanket comes highly recommended. Bamboo has cooling effects and it’s a good addition to a weighted blanket. A bamboo weighted blanket will ensure you enjoy all and even more benefits that a weighted blanket brings.


Can a weighted blanket be too heavy? Yes. Can I get a perfect size? Oh yes, you can. Is a bamboo weighted blanket good? Yes, it is. Now that you have answers to your questions, go get a weighted blanket and enjoy the comfort it brings.

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